Ames Farm
Vinalhaven / Maine


Overlooking the Fox Island Thoroughfare between Northhaven & Vinalhaven Islands, the Ames Farm restoration has retained a rural charm by programming a functional living complex for a busy writer and her diplomat husband within a variety of existing farm structures.

After relocating the barn to a more commanding view, the owners enlisted the architectural team of Paul S. Byard and William to complete the work on the property, which was an active dairy farm into the 1950's.

Since 1994, all of the farm buildings have been transformed and refurbished for use as a full time residence. The primary dwelling is a 19th century cape with two additions is currently the heart of the farm. A writing studio, a children's playhouse, a cistern pool and a horse shelter balance the landscape and create connective elements between the house and barn. Camp Restless, a seasonal retreat for family and guests at the shore, has been relined and refurbished with pine boards to weather, and the complete structure is raised 12" for taller, modern tenants.

Interior Decorating: Amanda Kyser
Builders: Scott Tolma, Brian Johnson, Peter Codella, Nick Galanakis

Ames Farm Cape Photograph

Ames Farm Studio Plans

Ames Farm Cemetary Photograph

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Ames Farm Overall

Ames Farm Northhaven

Ames Farm Orchard

Ames Farm Porch

Ames Farm Porch

Ames Farm Interior

Ames Farm Interior Study Sketch

Ames Farm Study Sketch

Ames Farm Plan